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A replacement system folder and drive iconset.

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A sharp and expansive iconset.

5 Colours, 2 Styles, 500+ icons.


Process Image 1

The Process

TWAIN started out as somewhat of a personal experiment.

With the (deserved) rise in popularity of Sketch, and having never done any icon design, I thought it would be a good opportunity to have a play around and see what I could come up with.

After the first couple of iterations, it had turned from an experiment into more of a project.

My original plan was to just do some basic folders that could be exported as SVG’s for use on the web and such so I limited myself in that respect.

However once I had done those (as bad as they were), I changed my mind and started over with the intention of making a proper System Folder replacement set.

After starting over 4 times, I came up with a shape and style that I was happy with.

Process Image 2
Process Image 3

Next up came designing the glyphs to put on the folders.

These were for the most part straight forward as they are pretty much the same across icon sets and platforms.

With a couple of the glyphs that had a number of small details, for example, the Sites glyph, I reduced the number of details for the smaller versions to improve legibility.

Having been a fan of customising operating systems (The o’l MacThemes days were awesome), you could always tell a good icon set by how it was distributed.

Most would come in a simple Zip file, but occasionally you would get a release that came nicely packaged in a customised DMG.

I wanted to do a bit of a tribute to the good old days so put together a nice custom DMG. Figuring out the Retina background took a little research (merging a couple of PNG’s into a TIFF) but it worked, and a handy utility called DMG Canvas handled the rest.

Process Image 4
Process Image 5

Once I had completed the set I decided to then create a few colour variants which was a simple case of tweaking the colours, and adding a textured variety (which recent macOS versions have used).

Once I had finished all of these, I then decided to attempt some Drive icon replacements.

One of my favourite icon sets from the good days is MINIMUM / MINIMUM² by Sascha Höhne and so took some inspiration for the mechanical and removable drives from those, and created some SSD and External Drive icons as well.